Carnival vip casino offer

Carnival vip casino offer

All Casino and Bingo cruise queries or what actually means"gambling on Carnival cruise ships". In case your Carnival cruise boat has a casino (all of Carnival ships are outfitted with a massive casino) you’ll be definitely considering this questionnaire. As advice, it covers most of"fun ship topics" from the group of"Carnival Cruise Casino" – matches and rules/policy, limits/table limits (minimal bet/winnings/payouts), credit/chips, gambling age limit/policy, the Carnival Players Club (points/VIP/comps), the Vault game specs, and some Casino hints. This poll is incorporated with Carnival Cruise Tips and Tricks.

Carnival Cruise Gambling at the boat’s Casino

The before all else from the listing of Carnival Casino comps (free products and services to inspire players to bet ) is your free drinks. These actual deals arrive with the appropriate Players Club standing (if you make a great deal of points/jackpots).

Carnival Casino comps and perks – from free beverages to free cruise provides

It means for table games minimal bets of $50 each hand [green chips are 25 ] (the upper-level team signal for those beverages, typically after you create 9000-12000 points onto a sailing). There’s also the"On Us" casino beverage app – when you hit 1500 points in the Slot Machines you obtain the"Drink On Us" card – along with free drinks while playing at the casino for the remainder of your cruise. Table Players may also be eligible for the beverage card they will have to request the Pit Boss to obtain rated with this particular program.

  • As you perform, your S&S card will say the number of things you’ve gathered. Whenever you make the 1500 points, phone somebody from the Casino staff and they’ll incorporate your free drink card for your onboard S&S card. Recall – the beverage cards are supplied only on more sailings (7 times ). Cards are great only from the Casino, you have to request the Pit Manager to consider your gambling.
  • As added perks, some gamers have obtained (even on more than 1 event ) bottles of wine delivered to their own Main Dining Room tables, a wine&cheese basket or candies sent to their cottages, completely free photo vouchers. Occasionally they can obtain a more"future" free beverage card and complimentary onboard credit. And these are enormous comps in comparison to those provided in land-based casinos.
  • A totally free Carnival cruise advertising for Players Club members. It’s a limited-time predicated on accessibility advertising – on selected sailings that you ‘ll cover only the earnings, meaning that the stateroom is for completely free.

Onboard Casino era limitations, opening slots, payouts

Carnival Cruise Line’s Casino gambling age is 18 . The listing of Casino matches on Carnival cruise ships comprises Black Jack, Craps, Poker, Roulette and assorted Slot Machines ($1-0,5-0,25-0,05) and cent slots ($0,02-0,01). Regarding the payouts – greater denominations machines have a high payout rate (as proportions they’re something like cent 88 percent, nickel percent 92 percent, dollar 94 percent. You ought to be aware that the casino can alter the payouts for server-based slots as wanted. On Carnival ships, the slot payout is approximately 80 percent (data based on internal resources ). Now about the Casino hours:

  • On sea days: slot machines (9AM), pick tables (10AM), complete casino (12PM-3AM), the hours can vary because of itineraries.
  • On port days: locked while the ship remains in port, opens following the boat sails (normally 30-60 minutes after leaving vent ). "The Bahamas exception" – on boats remaining overnight at Nassau, the casino is available during night , on ships calling Half Moon Cay (private island) it might be available in the direction’s discretion.

Carnival Players Club – tournaments, points, member profits, perks

Carnival’s Players Club is through a partnership with Ocean Players Club (OPC company ) and its membership is totally free – no need to signal up/fill out types. All members are entitled to get benefits/special offers. OPC has different membership levels dependent on the frequency of cruising and stage amounts.

Carnival boat casinos have slot machines using"players cards". The winnings package onto the card, also you’re able to use it on other machines. Additionally, it monitors made points. OPC players in table games have been tracked and rated as a way to make points. Points are more readily earned on slot machines. Because of matches ‘ odds, players lose while playing slots more quickly than in table games. Therefore less time playing on slots is necessary for the OPC program. Carnival casinos charge a 3% service fee (on passenger’s Sail & Sign cards). For high rollers, credit lines may be established prior to departure. Lines of credit are available up to $100,000.

  • Play the slots, earn min 1000 points and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the club. Don’t forget to have your S&S Card inserted into the reader when you play, be certain that the card is approved (it will welcome you from your before all else name, and because you play will reveal to you the number of points you’ve so far).
  • For each 1000 points, you’ll get a $10 cash reward. The more things the more profits – that the free casino beverages (while playing) as well as the Carnival Players Club VIP cruise is one of the very unique. All of Casino profits and advantages relies upon the frequency of sailing and purpose amounts. Their list also has special"money" provides (around 25% discounted rates, cashback around $500 towards potential sailings, from $50 up to $500 in casino money ), invitations for special events, VIP Casino Tournaments, lines of credit for high rollers, presents and service reductions.
  • Casino staff constantly keep notes regarding your gambling (spending) in the dining table, and in the conclusion of your journey, they scan and then send these notes into the OPC.
  • Carnival Ocean Players Club (OPC) caters to casinos on most of vessels/companies owned by Carnival Corporation (also members of the World’s Leading Cruise Lines alliance) – Carnival (CCL), Princess, P&O, Costa, Holland America, Cunard, Seabourn, AIDA, Ibero. OPC Casino points are transferable (may be used on each of their boats ). For more information – call that the Ocean Players Club (telephone number 1-888-672-2582, phone in day time hours/weekdays).

Carnival Cruise Line casino app update 2018

In May 2018, the business introduced new Players Club amenities and services to give club members with much more access to special experiences and exceptional supplies, both onboard and ashore.

  • The updated program features "Dealer’s Choice" (new deal ) together with savings, free drinks in the casino and also exclusive (invitation-only) Players Club occasions.
  • "Getaway" provides are offered on 3-day to 5-day itineraries with extras such as in-cabin presents, priority check-in, and bag shipping, free casino beverages, opportunity to acquire up to USD 10,000 in free play, money, and prizes.
  • "Premier" provides are for enthusiastic gamers and accessible on 6days long itineraries, These supplies include all"Getaway" offers and priority debarkation, free pre-cruise present, invitation-only casino tournaments, exclusive Welcome Aboard cocktail party, opportunity to win up to USD 20,000 in free play, money and prizes.
  • "Ultra" amount players get all Premier profits and chance to win up to USD 100,000 from the casino.
  • "Elite" players get all perks and free cruise terminal parking, airport pick-up/drop-off, free beverages (throughout the railway ), ancient cottage access, free shore excursions, free Wi-Fi, Welcome Aboard and sail off cocktail parties, VIFP Platinum (loyalty program) status.


Carnival cruise Casino gambling tips and FAQs

Carnival vip casino offer
  • The Casino Vault sport is an extremely popular game of abilities (on all boats, 24 hours each day). It’s $1 per play, so you’ll acquire an iPad as well as $500 money packets (they don’t replenish the vault during the sailing). The game resets after its 30sec timer expires. There are 4 levels (none of them at eye level, iPads are on the top row). In these 30sec by a toggle switch you have to line up the adjustable arm left and right, then when you push down on a rollerball it causes the arm to go forward (you can’t block the movement after it begins ), the main has to experience just a tiny lock and then twist 180 degrees to discharge your prize.
  • US money and Travelers Checks are accepted at all gaming tables and the slots.
  • You can employ your S&S Card (your stateroom accounts ) to purchase chips/credit in the Cashier’s Window (3% commission ), no charge will apply when the S&S Card can be employed from the slot machine. The S&S (Sail & Sign) card limit is $250/transaction and $1000/day.
  • At"Coinless Fun Slot Machines" players set-up a bank account so as to upload/download credits . Notice: your Casino bank accounts along with your S&S accounts are different.
  • Casino limitation is USD 10,000 per person/family members traveling together.
  • MegaCash is the largest cruise ship jackpot on earth (one guest acquired far over $1 million).
  • Carnival Casino chips are transferable in the middle different Carnival boats, many chips are generic using a Carnival emblem on them.
  • "is a point equals a buck" – 1 stage is greater than $1 but it’s not predicated on just how many a participant wins/loses, however how many he/she performs. Notice: table games are ranked differently than slot machines.
  • As to this winning chances – with GAMBLING it’s ensured that in the future you eliminate cash, but you win pleasure.

Carnival Casino Table Games restricts

roulette limitsother limitations – $0,25 $0,5 $1

– inside variety


$3-120 $3-50 $5-200 dozens/columns


$3-120 $5-50 $10-200 outside bets


$3-180 $3-100 $25-300

Casino games on boats

  • 2 tables for Black Jack – the minimum wager is $5. In high-limit tables, it changes from $25 minimum to $500 maximum. Greater maximums (for gamers who ask this) are subject to acceptance, the trader follows Las Vegas-style casino guidelines (that he’s obliged to endure to a"soft 17").
  • 1 table to get Craps/Dice – should you would like know how to play, one of the casino staff members will walk you through the basics. ships also provide double odds on craps (a $5 minimum bet and $200 maximum bet for the pass line), with the possibility for high rollers to request from the casino management higher maximums.
  • Poker games – 3-card poker, electronic PokerPro tables ("Texas Hold ‘Em"), "Caribbean Stud Poker", "Caribbean Draw Poker", minimum bet $5, high-stakes tables and tournaments.
  • 2 Roulette tables – just pick the right choice at the right time!

Carnival Casino chips- denominations, color, value

Carnival cruise Bingo – games, cards, prices/prizes, policy

Bingo playing on Carnival ships happens every day (sometimes twice a day), it’s available fleet-wide and it’s an onboard fun activity that offers big jackpot prizes.

  • Bingo cards costs – 3 cards for $20 or 1 card for $10, sometimes they offer promotions with reduced costs – a half-price game (3 cards for $10), or 3 for 1 game, or 7 for 1 games. Bingo cards (punch cards) are for one session and not limited to one game. Bingo sessions vary from 1 to 7 games. The general rules are you obtain a sheet with 3 games on it and you play all 3 at the equal time. It’s one game (unless it’s a"3 to 1" /"7 to 1"), you can buy multiple cards as well. As to the exact rules – the staff will explain them to you at the game.
  • Bingo cash prizes start at $100, a jackpot game offers up to $2000. There’s also a special $5000 game (if you obtain a blackout within the specified numbers picked; its usual prize is $1000).
  • Other Carnival Bingo prizes: free Bingo cards (the promo games), tour passes, gifts from onboard shops (including jewelry), Carnival Spa free services, there’s a prize that will pay up to $750 of your bar bill (total you’ve paid for beverages with your S&S Card) or even a complimentary Carnival cruise!
  • The"complimentary Carnival cruise" voucher prize is played toward the end of the voyages (the so-called Blackout Bingo game) – in fact, it’s the last game of the sailing). If you put your used bingo cards in the"second opportunity box" (don’t forget to sign your name and cabin number on them) you might win another free cruise.
  • Bingo coverage – it’s gambling, therefore guests should be partially 18 yo to perform.
Carnival vip casino offer

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