Casino vip gifts

Casino vip gifts

We can produce customized apps of any of our new name solutions. REWARD YOUR PLAYERS WITH Items that THEY will love because of their Quality and lasting appeal. CONTACT US FOR THE FULL CATALOGS OF ITEMS AVAILABLE.

app & particular event examples-or produce your own

The year was 1943 and The Saturday Evening Post magazine devoted the pay into the American girls who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II, a lot of whom created munitions and war supplies. These girls sometimes took completely new tasks replacing the male employees who were at the army. The magazine cover picture proved hugely popular, and remains popular as a traditional patriotic picture now.

When chilly’s chill hits the air, you are able to snuggle up for this traditional WWII-era patriotic cozy throw. Ideal for dorms, bedrooms, living spaces, sports events as well as automobiles. The magazine cover picture proved hugely popular, and remains popular as a traditional patriotic picture now. Reversible self-hemmed, 100% polyester 50" x 60" throw using a free decorative rope for packaging.

The Saturday Evening Post art is extremely valued because of its memorable representation of American civilization. We’ve selected four of their most valued Saturday Evening Post magazine covers and exhibit them at museum quality, double matte frames together with commemorative plaques and numbered certificates of authenticity.


Casino vip gifts

Great for: Slot Parties, Concerts, Parades, VIP Parties, Fairs, and Giveaways. Insert your logo to those wonderful LED wristbands and watch the plan light up and glow! The logo or message is laser etched onto the interior of the ring and if illuminated by the LED’s the rings will shine and will make certain to draw attention! Three distinct styles out there.

Maui Jim sunglasses gets the World’s Most Memorable Gift Experience. How it works: Your casino will disperse a flier, sending it into a high rollers or whomever will soon be getting eyeglasses, saying the date and time period that Maui Jim will be in the casino. The large rollers would arrive, be fitted to their eyeglasses, take the sequence then send them one week afterwards.

Stay true to your staff daily, daily, game afternoon. Green Bay Packers Nike Game Replica Jersey is inspired by what the players are wearing to the area. Great for game day to display your team spirit!

Casino vip gifts

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