Reviews for yukon gold casino login

Reviews for yukon gold casino login

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I have 300 bucks in bonus vip cash they won’t release to me since I haven’t lost enough cash. They state that it’s to prevent fraud, but should they overlook want to honor there bonus incentives (ex. 100% match up on deposits), then don’t provide them. I dropped my 200 dollars, but they won’t release the incentive.

I’ve been enjoying Yukon Gold stable for about a year and had a few tiny wins here and there but not a lot of. On New years day I won $5000. They kept showing me that the win over and over again and I had been Stuck on this screen for a lengthy time period. I wasn’t credited any of the money to my balance and when I got out of the game the win disappeared and wouldn’t even appear in my background. I had been back-and-forth on live chat all day and they said I need to ‘ve taken an image of it that I didn’t think to do at the time. Absolutely disgusted. There is no way I’m getting my money for my one and only jackpot of any significance that I have ever one. I didn’t mind playing up there till that dayI discovered it to be a fairly decent online casino.

I intially won 6800. Then I transferred it to get withdrawal. It stated pending therefore u can make out money until they really take it to ship. So I have down two 1300 and hope. Every single day they tell me tomorrow. I never had issues before. They tell you you can take money from pending around 48 hrs before they take funds to ship to you. But now now they’re saying each single time you take money from winnings that are pending it alters it by two or three days. This was not true before. Regular now when I contact them they tell me something different. They’re great to manage but today I’m experiencing issues.

I had been winning; nonetheless, my money wasn’t being added to my charge. I attempted to solve the matter only to have been disconnected with all the live chat 8 TIMES. Every single time that I needed to reconnect, I needed to associate exactly the similarly advice again from the start, that the Representative would pass me to a colleague, and we would be disconnected. Following my eighth effort; it was fairly clear that the casino had no intention of honouring my winnings. They had recommended I get a connection where I could watch a play of this match; I clarified I didn’t need to watch the play because I knew that I won, I recommended that they watch it and honour me my winnings of $100. Cdn ( I actually had won over $100., but I was willing to settle). I am certain that the casino had no intention of honouring my winnings; I never did obtain my money. I was not very impressed; however, I had aprox $27 still in credits so I decided to play it out. Wouldn’t you know it, I won another 360. And that wasn’t imputed to me! I once again tried to solve this with all the live chat ( I had been advised that the casino doesn’t have a customer support telephone number), and once more, there was not any support, or endeavor to honor my winnings.

Please contact me in [email protected] along with your account number so I could start looking into this situation.

Thanks Renee Casino Rep

I’ve had enough. Site is challenging to navigate. You obtain a code through email but can’t figure out where to put it. You go to live chat and it’s a damn automated response that doesn’t know you so determines it’s done speaking and logs you out. Live signifies a real man, not a pc. Three days of despair coping with lost deposits, delayed answers and this. This casino has gone downhill.

I have been enjoying this past year off and on I have won $2700 my 1st time and I got my deposit cheque within my accounts Thursday afternoon after 3pm and withdrew Sunday. But frankly that time it’d take approximately 1 week my own fault in on this conclusion defame details on my bank accounts. I won a couple more times that was great if wanted and the online chat was always quite valuable. No problems here a fantastic payout and game bonuses I don’t like them a lot of but if you like to play then yes their good. I haven’t had some payout problems. I’ve left my match and went back into numerous occasions and it was the similarly when I logged back into

Yukon Gold provides the "just sign up and obtain 125 free spins with a minimum 10 dollar deposit". . .No difficulty Well I do this and obtain my free spins and following the spins I began moving up. I had been at 325 dollars and all a sudden I have busy with something else I made my gambling idle for one hour. I return online to keep playing and I will even obtain back in to my account. Very bad live chat service to try and solve the issue at hand.

Although they indicate that interac deposits are done within 15 min, it is usually 25-35 min. However, today it has been over 90 min and they refuse the trace it or verify stating it can take 24 hours.

I give 5 stars to all Yukon Support Agent… I am using Interac transfer and so far only few minutes, if it takes longer the problem is your bank. Easy to make a withdrawal with a polite Agent to answer your questions. I am a Platinum status here, and make a withdrawal of $7,000, so far no problem at all. Now i am close to Diamond. It’s awesome the Management of Casino Rewards. I absolutely recommend to all players online to play any Casino rewards.


How many days you need to wait to received your money? My girlfriend told me it took 7 days By e transfer . That is too long

Reviews for yukon gold casino login

Yes lately they have bin taking forever to deposit into the casino. Took 4 hrs last night for a 50$ deposit

Their percent match bonuses are awful. If u play big the match bonus should come on automatically. It does not. They treat vip players not well. Their chat operators are snooty and behave e like it is their money when u want a bonus.

They have a good variety of games and you can win some nice pots. However, they are quick to take your money but terrible at withdrawals. I have been trying for 3 1/2 months to withdraw $100.00 and still no success. Every time I talk to them at their help desk I obtain the run around. I find both the help desk and live chat people to be very friendly but incompetent. They have even started asking me for personnel information which I refuse to give them. This has complicated the process. If you just want to play games with no chance of ever getting your winnings out then they are fine. If you expect to obtain a withdrawal I would try a different site.

Games were fine and help desk just ok, the biggest problem is getting any winnings out. They take your money in 15 minutes but have taken up to 2 weeks to pay me out a simple 2k in which I still haven’t obtained all. Rather tough to obtain paidoff.

Good experience here. Interesting motif and game variety is good. I’m a casual participant here so I harbor really needed to use the support staff a whole lot, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. Bonuses are pretty good, not including the weak initial deposit bonus.


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