Zodiac casino trustpilot

Zodiac casino trustpilot

Zodiac casino is a complete rip off

Zodiac casino is a total rip off. It when you’re playing the bonus cash it allows you win not cease, the moment you’re into actual cash there’s no opportunity. It’s a blatantly rigged site. It is going to fully reel you in.it is shocking how clearly rigged it’s. 1 moment you’re hitting in games frequently the following you can’t obtain onto any even after 200 spins. How can that be possible?? Absolute scum are running this site!! DO NOT BE FOOLED ITS A SCAM.

Totally legit site and fabulous win with just 1 deposit : )

Very pleased and surprised with my win at Zodiac Casino after paying the required 1 minimum deposit and getting the bonus of 80 free spins. The wagering requirements were a lot of higher than what I normally go for but took a chance with it only being 1 to play and glad I did! Took my spins balance over 300 and kept playing quite big in order to fulfil the wagering, having fun playing roulette and other games all day until my cash balance was sufficiently high enough to request a decent withdrawal. I could have continued playing and aiming to obtain a lot of bigger winnings (still had 20 bonus funds left to play) but decided that at 72 my win was good enough to leave at that. Requested the withdrawal around 11am Wednesday morning and two days after by 10am Friday morning the funds were in my bank account – well pleased! Would definitely recommend Zodiac Casino to friends and will deposit and play there again : )

I deposit 10 and won 150 it took…

i deposit 10 and won 150 it took about 48 hours to process the withdrawal then money was in my account next morning


Made deposit via PayPal

Made deposit via PayPal, but can’t draw to PayPal.

Constant never end spam mail

Enjoyed a few of those matches

Enjoyed a few of those matches. I won approximately 270. So wished to draw But withdrawal takes so long to process and you’ll be able to block the reverse of the withdrawal so ended up Playing all the money I’d won.

Don’t do it I’m waiting for lost deposits weeks afterwards.

Don’t do it. Great at before all else, but when there’s $$ that goes missing via etransfer deposits. it’ll take weeks. It’s been 4 weeks today and they keep saying the similarly thing. even though I provided them proof. LIARS SCAMMERS and CHEATS!

A bloody con of a site never ever play…

Zodiac casino trustpilot

A bloody con of a site never ever play anyone that is related to this and there are a few that are a waste of time and money

Treat new member like gold dust and old 1 like rubbish

Good setup up but a few problems are there make the bonuses extremely hard to obtain changed the cash happy to take your money but they moment you want free spins they will only attached them to deposits but when I was a new player they was giving the out left, right and centre. Once you have a big win and withdraw that’s it you account is blocked from winning everything. They also do a points system which sometimes feels bent as on a couple off a times after spending a good few hundred it hasn’t moved. Happy to Deal with new member such as good dust but older manhood like rubbish my information just be with them for a month and go and don’t look back and now they have blocked my account logging a complaint lets see where this goes

Please be careful of companies …

Please be careful of companies associated with casino rewards , I’m going to try and explain my problems I have had with them for nearly 10 years . . This company when I before all else played with them looked good, funniest thing casino reward casinos have a great set up, free slot tournaments to play on, excellent agents to speak to via chat if u have problems, that wasn’t the matter. . I never won on this site, so I demand them to shut account, today the issue simply didn’t sit there sadly. . It was the fact they contacted me via telephone there’s a nice bonus on your account . . yes had that numerous occasions now . . A nice agent saying oh your luck will change don’t feel downhearted etc there’s a wonderful incentive for you again and again over and over. . So silly me deposit again and again and final 1 reward casino accounts down following a second. . They have like 20 casinos. . The brokers I get via chat consistently look at before all else understanding and caring, it came to the point where I told them to not contact me . . I never won a free championship game in almost 10 decades not withdrew once in 10 years since I’ve been fortunate, the slots were tight as for the blackjack don’t bother” shed on large stakes ensured and triumph 50% over the tiny stakes. . Now I am so mad I’ve had enough, want they’d only leave me alone today. . I made a couple of past deposits in the last couple of months to determine if I had been unfortunate or if I felt as though they had been stealing my money. . Dunno the way you’d believe if blackjack has been tight as. . As well as the slots weren’t paying out at all after agents contacting you saying time and time it’s just bad luck. . I feel like after 10000 dollars deposited in the past lets say 10 years losing every time I feel conned and harassed after all the phone calls I’ve had !! That’s about all I can say . . to end this , I contacted them tonight saying leave me alone for good . . Don’t need any emails, no telephone calls. . Close everything permanently. . DON’T CONTACT ME EVER AGAIN . . Lets hope someone from casino rewards read this and obtain my message!! One last thing I want to add , when you end a conversation with an agent they ask you a silly question , how do you think we can improve things , what can we do for you . . That’s the kind of question I obtain demand at the end of every conversation. . So I always reply a nice gift for all my loses would be nice . . Oh sorry can’t allow you there” HMM AFTER 10000 DOLLARS LOST NOT WITHDRAWING ONCE” reveals they don’t care in the long run, this is there reply, we can offer you another deposit bonus that’s about it!! Sorry if you read this about casino rewards but I felt like they stole my money on purpose every time !! Just be careful playing on the slots or blackjack . . I tried so so hard never won once !! Oh I also forgot to mention, Time of your life” Gifts you’ll be able to win” it was an idea I put across to an agent once because I was permanently losing, as it would have been nice to obtain a little something back. . Nope nothing , so 10 years playing slots , blackjack various other games . . free slot tournaments I was playing daily a few years back , not 1 nice gift . . never withdrawn a penny to my bank once !! Never won a free slot tournament either . . One last thing to say !! Oh I can’t vow. . Wish I could place the two finger gesture in the man that owns this casino!! RIP OFF

benefits from excluded players

benefits from excluded players, reckless operator.

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Zodiac casino trustpilot

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